Scottish Parliament to host screening of Unrest – Invite your MSP to attend | 17 January 2018

January 17, 2018


Unrest is being shown at an event for MSPs at the Scottish Parliament on 30th January 2018. If you live in Scotland, this is an incredible opportunity to make a concerted impact on decision makers.

All MSPs have been formally invited but the event's organisers would now like individuals to personally contact their MSP and give them a gentle nudge.

A template email has been put together for you to use and edit (below), and you can get your MSPs contact details by looking them up in the MSP directory, or by using the MSP Finder.

Event details:

Holyrood, Scottish Parliament.

The evening reception is on the 30th January from 6.00 to 8.00pm and is being hosted by Ben MacPherson, MSP. It will include a 20 minute excerpt from the film.

Jennifer Brea, Director of Unrest, will be speaking at the reception via Skype. Other speakers include the author Nasim Jafry, and a number of key Scottish M.E. advocates have also been invited.

There will be a chance for MSPs to meet people including representatives from ME charities, volunteers, carers and, most importantly, people with M.E.


Template email for MSPs:

Dear XXXX [MSP Name],

You recently received an invitation from Ben Macpherson MSP asking you to attend an event on 30th January at the Scottish Parliament. The event is hugely important to me as it aims to raise aware of ME/CFS amongst MSPs and their staff and to highlight how you can help people with M.E. living in Scotland.

There are estimated to be 21,000 people with M.E. living in Scotland, but there is not a single specialist consultant in the country and only one specialist nurse (in Fife). We are calling on MSPs to help us get the support we need and to explore how Scotland can effectively provide help for people with M.E.

The event will include a short 20 minute excerpt from a film, Unrest, which tells the story of people with M.E. Unrest won an award at the Sundance Film Festival and has recently been shortlisted for an Oscar nomination in the documentary category. Jennifer Brea, Director of Unrest, will be speaking at the reception via Skype. There will also be a chance to meet ME charity representatives, volunteers, carers and people with M.E. 

[Include personal address so your MSP can see you are in their constituency.]

[Include a personal paragraph about your own or a friend/relative's experience of M.E., and why you need your MSP to support this initiative.]

I really hope you or your staff attend the event on the 30th January at the Parliament. 

Yours sincerely, 

XXXX [Your Name]

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