MEA Fundraising Feature: “Who knew that raising funds for such a great cause could be so uplifting?” | 11 October 2017

October 11, 2017


By Helen Hyland, Fundraising Manager, ME Association.

“I am only doing a tiny thing, the only thing I can think of and it helps to actually be able to DO something, anything.”

That is what Anwen Bill (pictured on the left) told us before she began her second run for ME Association this autumn.

She clearly had a ball, despite the awful weather, in the 10k Great Scottish Run which took place in Glasgow.

This is what she had to say:

“Glasgow + Great Scottish Run = EPIC!”

“Stunned! WE DID IT AGAIN! That’s nearly £600 I’ve raised all in for the ME Association. THANK YOU wonderful and generous people! I am so grateful and ecstatic.

“A very special thank you especially to those that came and supported me on the day in the rain, either from the sides or in the run.   What an incredible experience!  It was cold, wet, windy and BRILLIANT!

“We runners had every possible type of support and encouragement along every section of the route:

“The incredible pop/rock choir at the top of St Vincent street hill; pipers; samba drums; children dancing; and a few: “Well done! Keep goin'.  You can dae it!” – with huge smiles and occasionally gummy bears 🙂  Simply terrific.

“Who knew that raising funds for such a great cause could be so uplifting? In the times we live in, it is truly heartening to see such a mass of positive, supportive, GOOD people.

“People truly do make Glasgow.”

Anwen ran for her partner and for her mother. Both of whose lives have been constrained and constricted by M.E.

Afterwards, we asked her if she’d do it again and she said:

“Absolutely, so often I feel helpless to truly do anything for my partner or mother. Of course there is physical and mental day-to-day support, ​but being able to DO something, in this case run for raising money for this great charity feels selfishly so good.

It also positively promotes M.E. as a recognised illness. The feedback I have received from sufferers is that it feels very positive to have someone raising awareness for them, as they have run out of energy for them to do this themselves, suffering so much and often so isolated.”

Thanks, Anwen, for running for M.E. and for the ME Association.

You can still support Anwen's efforts by visiting her JustGiving page.


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