CMRC 2017 Update: Look who’s flying-in to present at the ME/CFS research conference next month! | 18 August 2017

August 18, 2017


“I am very excited to attend the CMRC conference and welcome the chance to talk about our research with other researchers from around the world. M.E./CFS can turn a life of productive activity into one of dependency and desolation, and it is only through collaboration that we can challenge the horrors of this very real disease and improve lives for the thousands of patients living with it on a daily basis.” Professor Jose Montoya.

The annual CMRC research conference takes place Wednesday 13 and Thursday 14 September at the Future Inns, Bristol.

Both days are open to anyone with an interest in M.E. You can find out more and/or book your place now on the CMRC conference website. 

Professor Jose Montoya (pictured) has just announced he will give the Anne Faulkner Memorial Lecture on the second day of the conference.

Dr Montoya will be explaining his widely reported recent study on ME/CFS and cytokines – research that we will be reviewing in a blog on our website later today!

The purpose of the conference is to increase collaboration between researchers in the ME/CFS field and with those from other research/illness areas. This event provides an opportunity to learn more about latest published and unpublished research, meet potential collaborators and contribute to future developments.


The conference will not be livestreamed this year, instead the organisers will be producing better quality videos to be released as soon as possible once the conference has ended.

The ME Association is providing funding for six medical and research students to attend and we will be producing a written report of the conference.

Dr Avi Nath (pictured) will also be speaking. He hails from the National Institutes of Health, and is overseeing the latest developments in ME/CFS research from the American equivalent of the UK's Medical Research Council.

Other presentations include:

  • Autonomic intolerance from Dr Peter Rowe, John Hopkins Children’s Centre
  • Imaging in research from Dr Matt Wall, Imanova, a translational research company that specialises in applying PET and MRI scanning techniques to improve drug development and health research
  • The challenge of chronic pain : how neuroscience can help from Prof Maria Fitzgerald, University College London
  • Learning from other illness fields from Prof John Gallacher, Oxford University
  • An overview of fatigue in arthritis: insights for ME/CFS from Prof Alan Silman, Nuffield Department of
    Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Science


  • Transient receptor potential ion channels and impaired calcium signalling in natural killer (NK)
    cells from Prof Don Staines from Griffith University, Brisbane.

The full conference programme can be viewed from the conference website page where you can also book your tickets.

For more information about the CFS/ME Research Collaborative, please visit the CMRC section of our website.

The ME Association is a board member of the CMRC and strongly believes in the importance of this working partnership – especially in helping to bring ME/CFS to the recognition of mainstream science as a legitimate biomedical disease in desperate need of increased funding.






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