Dr Paul Worthley, formerly clinical lead at Burrswood Hospital, is seeing ME/CFS patients again | 23 February 2017

February 23, 2017

Dr Paul Worthley, who built up quite a reputation for the care of patients with ME/CFS when he worked at Burrswood Hospital in Kent, is now is seeing ME/CFS patients once again.

The ME Trust, which backed his work for years, has announced that Dr Worthley is now seeing ME/CFS patients privately as well as taking telephone appointments.

First visit the ME Trust’s website for details (link below), and have a discussion with their director, Hannah Clifton.

Hannah comments: “An initial 15 minute telephone call with him to assess the best way forward is free of charge. Subsequent telephone consultations with Dr Worthley would be at a rate of £40 per 30 minutes.

“Dr Paul Worthley is often able to offer home visits, usually within the south/south-east of England. Depending on the travel time, the cost would be from £250.”

Dr Worthley held his last outpatient clinic at Burrswood Hospital – where he had worked for 24 years – in August last year. The hospital, a Christian foundation, had earlier announced that it would no longer admit patients with severe ME from the end of 2016.


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