Burrswood Hospital closes its doors to patients with severe M.E. | 12 January 2016

January 12, 2016

The Burrswood Hospital in Groombridge, Kent, has suspended its in-patient services for people with severe ME/CFS because of a shortage of trained nurses and the need, which it can no longer fulfil, to bring in specialist and multi-disciplinary support from outside.

In a statement published on their website on December 23, the Christian foundation – established in 1948 by the visionary healer, Dorothy Kerin – said the decision was taken with regret during an on-going review by the hospital's senior clinicians and management. Services to people with mild to moderate forms of the illness will continue to be provided.

“We will be keeping all these factors under review as we continue to look at what we can do well. We will provide more information when the current review is complete.

“The Burrswood website will provide more detail about criteria relating to mild-moderate and severe CFS/ME and the Burrswood admissions team will be happy to receive telephone calls/emails from those needing further clarification or anyone wishing to discuss an individual circumstance.”

Dr Charles Shepherd, medical adviser to the ME Association, commented:

“I have referred a number of people to this hospital and visited the hospital. The feedback from people who have been there has generally been positive or very positive and I was very impressed by both the facilities and way in which all members of staff cared for people with ME/CFS, many of whom were severely affected.”

More information on Burrswood Hospital: www.burrswood.org.uk

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