Sally Callow – mastermind of Foggy the ME Dog’s World Tour – tells all | 20 May 2015

Sally Callow is no stranger to MEA supporters through her digital awareness and fundraising campaign – Foggy’s World Tour. She decided to branch out in ME Awareness Week to speak directly to staff and students at the university where she works. She had never spoken about her illness in public before.

The resulting video will make you laugh and make you cry. Sally tells how ME has affected her whole life, calmly and honestly. She shares harrowing stories of people with severe ME: and she shares an old clip of Golden Girls which succinctly – and humorously – speaks for everyone who has ever met with a disbelieving and unresponsive doctor.

Foggy’s World tour was created by Sally last summer. Foggy is a soft toy dog, so named because that’s how Sally’s brain often feels.

Sally has sent him through friends and other contacts to far flung places of the world – places she could only dream of visiting herself. He has travelled 176,000 miles for ME and raised over £2,800.

Foggy’s Tour continues until 16th July.


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