Let’s put a ‘bark-out’ for six times round-the-world traveller, Foggy the ME Dog | 16 April 2015

April 16, 2015


The cuddly toy that took on the literary legend who travelled round the world in 80 days has beaten Phileas Fogg at his own game. In fact, since he started his travels last July, Foggy the ME Dog has now circumnavigated the globe six times in his quest to raise money for M.E. research.

The 9cm-high stuffed puppy has notched up 147,320 miles – not counting his current journey to Brisbane and Sydney, where he is enjoying some Australian sunshine with his owner's mum, Carol Callow.

In the process, he's made £2,600 for the ME Association's special research fund and has high hopes of raising lots more before the fun ends in three months time.

It's been a hugely busy year so far for Foggy – with people sponsoring him as he has travelled to a dozen or more countries. His destinations have included Turkey, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, Iceland, Denmark, Jordan, India, Spain and Italy – where he was to be found over Easter enjoying a brief holiday with his owner, Sally.

Their trip together on a gondola in Venice was one of the highlights of their Italian break.

Sally, who lives in Portsmouth, said this week: “I am little bit disappointed that we haven't made more for M.E. research. People seem to be engaging with Foggy quite happily but not always donating. But I have been reassured that we're raising awareness, so that's great!”

If you would like to support the little fella on his travels with a wee donation, please visit his online fundraising page at www.justgiving.com/MEFoggyDog

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