Three videos featuring Professor Leonard Jason on Dutch group’s YouTube Channel | 23 September 2014

September 23, 2014

Professor Leonard Jason, from DePaul University, Chicago, talks about his involvement with ME studies over the last 20 years in these short films from Dutch group, ME/CVS Vereniging. They're part of a patient education project which is paid for by a grant from the government of The Netherlands.

In the first video – which is just over six minutes in length – Professor Jason provides short, crisp answers to a series of pithy questions which appear as text on screen.

Since the first video, two more interviews with Professor Jason have been loaded by ME/CVS Vereniging on to their YouTube channel.

The name M.E. “got hijacked 30 years ago and I think we need to revert back to that name” – second video featuring Professor Leonard Jason:

“There are clear differences between these two illnesses [M.E. and major depressive illness] and they have to be differentiated” – third video featuring Professor Jason:

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