Wanted – help with survey to source safe housing materials and plants for people with Multi-Chemical Sensitivities | 29 November 2013

Adults in the UK who have disabling chemical and electro-sensitivities – conditions that sometimes overlap with ME/CFS – are being invited to take part in an online survey which is attempting to find out how successful they are at sourcing safe housing materials and plants for their homes and gardens.

The 39-question survey is being run by the MCS-Aware charity, who are setting up a database of products and plants as part of a ‘Safe as Houses’ project.

Helen Blacker from MCS-Aware said: “As part of the Safe As Houses Project for low-emission, low-allergen housing, this survey aims to discover how housing needs are affected by Environmental Illness – with the purpose of providing evidence to MPs and the government and raising awareness of the challenges Environmental Illness sufferers face”.

MCS–Aware was set up as a support group in 2005 and then registered as a charity in 2013.

The online survey should take only a few minutes to complete. It can be found HERE. if you would prefer to complete a paper copy, please write to MCS-Aware, 56 Gaping Lane, Hitchin, Herts.SG5 2JE.


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