US journalist wants to speak with people who were on the PACE Trial | 13 May 2013

May 14, 2013

A US-based medical journalist researching ME/CFS treatments would like to speak with people who took part in the PACE Trial. If you would like to make contact, please email me and I will pass your message on.


6 thoughts on “US journalist wants to speak with people who were on the PACE Trial | 13 May 2013”

  1. The PACE trial provided clear evidence that CBT and GET are not treatments for ME. The authors also admitted there were no ME patients in the study.

  2. Dr Charles Shepherd

    The MEA has obviously been very critical of the PACE trial

    However, I should point out that while those involved were selected using the very broad Oxford Criteria for CFS they were also assessed to see if they met the 1994 Fukuda criteria for CFS and a revised version of the London criteria for ME.

    So there were people with ME in this study

    1. When was the MEA critical of the published PACE trial?

      The oxford definition will have filtered out all people with ME as Peter White confirmed. There were no ME patients in the study.

  3. So, to be accurate, there were possibly people with ME in it; but only mild-moderate sufferers; we don’t know how many; or which subjects they were.

  4. No criteria can guarantee that anyone has actual encephalomyelitis as opposed to an ME like organic condition or indeed the kinds of disorder which respond to psychological therapies.
    In any case the trial didn’t work very well for anyone did it?
    Result CBT/GET does not work well even for patients selected by Ox/Fukuda.

  5. I went on the pace trial and had CBT. Before the trial I was discussing early retirement with my employer because of my ill health. I had been suffering with ME for 5 years at this point. I can’t say that the CBT has cured me but it has certainly allowed me to manage my systems to the point where I am now back at work, full time, albeit at a lower responsibility. I still have ME but I am lucky enough to be able to manage it, although at the cost of a social life!

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