Parliamentary Question | police protection for M.E. researchers | 19 November 2012

November 20, 2012

Following the recent reports of abusive behaviour and even alleged death threats against academics working on ME/CFS research, the Countess of Mar tabled a question asking what was Government policy on police protection for ME/CFS researchers.

In a written answer supplied on 19 November 2012, Lord Taylor of Holbeach replied:

Criminal, violent or threatening behaviour towards anyone, including medical researchers, is not acceptable. Where there is a threat to individuals involved in medical research, it is a matter for the police to investigate and take the relevant action.

1 thought on “Parliamentary Question | police protection for M.E. researchers | 19 November 2012”

  1. Others have also submitted FOIs on this matter and the police had no record of anything occurring. Clearly it is time to put this matter to rest and stop using it as an excuse for poor methodology and ideological positions that are not backed by any empirical evidence.

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