Health Protection Agency information about their Lyme Disease testing service at Porton Down | 14 November 2012

November 14, 2012

The UK Health Protection Agency have put details about their recently revised arrangements for Lyme Disease diagnostic testing on their website. We're posting this information because the ME Association has a close interest in the subject: it has been known for people with Lyme Disease to be misdiagnosed as suffering from ME/CFS.

Their microbiology services division at Porton Down near Salisbury have a new referral form available HERE. This is only for the use of clinicians.

Their arrangements for diagnostic testing can be read HERE.

A list of Frequently Asked Questions is available HERE.

And the Health Protection Agency say what they think of “Unorthodox Clinical and Laboratory Practices Related to Lyme borreliosis” HERE.

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2 thoughts on “Health Protection Agency information about their Lyme Disease testing service at Porton Down | 14 November 2012”

  1. The information they provide seems very clear and helpful. It also explains that some treatments can have serious, even life-threatening, side effects, so this is not something to dabble with. Particularly if the individual is suffering from some other undiagnosed illness like lupus for example.

    This level of information is great as anyone with an illness like M.E. or C.F.S. or fibromyalgia, especially when it becomes life changing and severe, become vulnerable to the fringe element. This is also true of patients in the early stages of M.S. or rheumatoid arthritis etc. before the correct diagnosis is reached. Some practitioners may be well meaning and helpful, other are well meaning and misguided and then there are the outright charlatans….

    If you, or the person treating you, thinks Lyme disease is a possible diagnosis then this is well worth reading.

  2. Hi, its good to hear from you Invisible Woman, we thought you’d retired but you’re still up to your old tricks.

    We all feel reassured that the testing for Lyme Disease has been transferred to Porton Down in Wiltshire. What a brilliant strategic move, that wont arouse suspicion will it? LOL

    And its a good job all those pesky fringe doctors have been put out of business for saving patients lives but how will we repay you?

    See you soon Sue,
    Doctor Doom

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