More details emerge about the MRC-funded ME/CFS research projects | Medical Research Council (UK) | 12 April 2012

The Medical Research Council yesterday (12 April 2012) filed new overviews at its website of the five ME/CFS research projects it agreed to fund at the end of last year. The total value of their funding is £1.6m spread over the next three years – though some of the projects are due to be completed earlier than that.

Up to now, only the briefest of abstracts – made available when the Medical Research Council announced this funding on 21 December last year – have been in the public domain.

Two-page summaries of each project, each divided into lay and technical sections, can be downloaded as a single pdf by clicking HERE.

The projects are:

1) Ref: MR/J002895/1. Principal investigator: Professor Anne McArdle, University of Liverpool. Title: Determination of mitochondrial function and cytokine production in skeletal muscles of patients with CFS.

Starts: 1 May 2012. Due to finish: 30 April 2015. Amount awarded: £252,030.40

(The ME Association’s Ramsay Research Fund will contribute £30,000 to this study).

2) Ref: MR/J002712/1. Principal investigator: Professor Julia Newton, Newcastle University. Title: Understanding the pathogenesis of autonomic dysfunction in chronic fatigue syndrome and its relationship with cognitive impairment.

Starts: 1 June 2012. Due to finish: 31 May 2015. Amount awarded: £454,573.48

3) Ref: MR/J002720/1 Principal investigator: Dr Wan Ng, Newcastle University. Title: Identifying the biological blueprints of fatigue.

Started: 1 January 2012. Due to finish: 31 December 2014. Amount awarded: £451,572.73

4) Ref: MR/J002852/1 Principal investigator: Professor David Nutt, Imperial College London. Title: Can enhancing SWS (slow wave sleep) improve daytime function in patients with CFS?

Started: 1 April 2012. Due to finish: 31 March 2013. Amount awarded: £119,999.60

5) Ref: MR/JOO22739/1 Principal investigator: Dr Carmine Pariante, King’s College London. Title: Persistest fatigue induced by interferon-alpha: a new immunological model for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Started: 1 March 2012. Due to finish: 28 February 2015. Amount awarded: £373,075.15


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