Malta’s Green Party calls for free prescriptions for people with ME and Fibromyalgia

April 1, 2012

From ‘Malta Today', 31 March 2012

Alternattiva Demokratika expressed its disappointment that ME (Myalgic Encephalopathy) and FM (Fibromyalgia) have not been included in the government's new list of chronic conditions, in the schedule V which guarantees entitlement for free medicines.

AD chairperson Michael Briguglio said “Persons with ME and FM face constant difficulties in their everyday life. They rely on various medicines according to their individual needs. Most also require alternative therapies and treatment, all of which are costly. Yet, given that ME and FM are not recognised as chronic illnesses or disability, they are not entitled to specific assistance.”

Briguglio added that ME and FM sufferers also need to pay for the special costly foodstuffs in view of intolerances and gut problems and sensitivities. “To make matters worse, many persons with ME or FM cannot be in employment, which, in turn increases risk of poverty,” the AD chairperson said.

2 thoughts on “Malta’s Green Party calls for free prescriptions for people with ME and Fibromyalgia”

  1. Yes, it is the same here in Portugal, which is also another EU country and a signatory to the World Health Organisation (WHO) agreement on ME/CFS …sic

    How can government ministers sign up to these global agreements which are meant to help ME / CFS sufferers and their families yet their governments totally disregard their commitments… politicians and health do not mix.

    Have they considered taking up their case with the European Parliament?

    Good Luck with your protestations in Malta

    Ronnie in Portugal

  2. I would like to say that this would be welcome anywhere in the world I am sure and what a great leap towards respecting the patients needs.

    That said I too have to register my disbelief. I live in the UK and was given a list of various herbal preparations as part of my treatment and when I went into the health food shop to pick them up I paid £47.00 plus for them (and I got them on buy one get second half price). I remember saying to the assistant that being ill was an “expensive hobby!”.

    Maybe if we are told to use various herbal preparations we should be able to get some kind of financial help, I mean L-carnitine is really really expensive and I still have to pay for my painkillers and any other traditional medicine I use.

    I am not asking for it to be free but maybe a system whereby we get money off vouchers or a list of reasonably priced health food shops in our area would be good, I mean this is treatment right?

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