Two programmes on M.E. – BBC Alba (Scotland), January 23 and 30 (with Gaelic translations).

After spending about a year working on the subject, BBC Alba – the sub-titled Gaelic channel in Scotland – will present the results of their research into M.E. on Monday, January 23 and on January 30.

The station will present a two-part programme, each lasting about an hour, called ‘ME: An Sgìths Nimheil /ME: The Toxic Tiredness’. It will appear in their ‘Trusadh’ / ‘Gathering for Success’ series, starting at 9pm each night. The programmes can be watched on Freeview (Scotland), Freesat and BBC iPlayer.

The ME Association has been heavily involved in helping BBC Alba prepare the programmes.


What would you do if you had an illness which no-one could name? What if it made you so tired you couldn’t put one foot in front of the other, or even drink a glass of water? And what would you do if your doctor didn’t believe it existed? Welcome to the world of ME.

Over 250,000 people in the UK are estimated to suffer from ME. Scientific opinion is sharply divided over the cause of the disease, the symptoms by which it should be diagnosed, the treatment methods which should be used and even – most disturbingly for sufferers – whether it is a ‘real’ physical affliction or a psychological ‘false illness belief’. One thing is certain: it wrecks lives and in the absence of definitive research sufferers must live their lives in a frustrating limbo.

In the first of a two-part Trusadh special on the illness, we hear the stories of five ME sufferers, their descent into illness and their quest for treatment.

Dè a dhèanadh tu ma bha tinneas ort nach ainmeachadh duine? Dè ma bha thu cho sgìth ‘s nach cuireadh tu cas air beulaibh cois, no nach b’ urrainn dhut fiù ‘s glainne uisge òl? Agus dè a dhèanadh tu mur an robh an dotair agad a’ creidsinn gun robh an leithid ann? Fàilte gu saoghal ME.

Thathar a’ dèanamh tuairmse gu bheil còrr is 250,000 neach anns an Rìoghachd Aonaichte a’ fulang leis an tinneas air a bheil ME. Ann an saoghal an saidheans tha diofar bheachdan mu na tha ga adhbhrachadh, na comharran, an leigheas ceart, agus – ‘s dòcha an rud as draghaile buileach dhaibhsan a tha a’ fulang leis – fiù ‘s ceist ann a bheil e na ‘fhìor’ chor chorporra, no ‘tinneas fuadain’ a tha san inntinn. Tha aon rud cinnteach ge-tà, tha beatha dhaoine ga sgrios leis, agus às aonais rannsachadh deimhinnte tha an luchd-fulaing air fhàgail ann an saoghal iomagaineach, mì-chinnteach.


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