Parliamentary Question: ME training for healthcare professionals, 17 May 2011

May 18, 2011

Ian Swales, Liberal Democrat MP for Redcar and a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on ME, asked the Secretary of State for Health if he will bring forward proposals to ensure that training in ME is included inb all pre- and post-registration training of healthcare professionals.

In a written answer supplied on 17 May 2011, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health Anne Milton, replied:

The content and standard of healthcare training is the responsibility of the independent regulatory bodies.

Through their role as the custodians of quality standards in education and practice, these organisations are committed to ensuring high quality patient care delivered by high quality health professionals and that healthcare professionals are equipped with the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to deal with the problems and conditions they will encounter in practice.

4 thoughts on “Parliamentary Question: ME training for healthcare professionals, 17 May 2011”

  1. Well I am thinking if the parlimentarians did not know it was ME Awareness Week then they certainly do now!

    Go Mr Swales Go! 🙂

  2. I think it is great that Ian Swales is tackling this issue. I have been corresponding with my PCT on the same subject and just seem to get vague bureaucratic answers back.

  3. Well done Ian Swales for raising the subject.
    Shame on Anne Milton for, in effect, refusing to give an answer. It’s typical politicians’ waffle – say nothing meaningful so you can’t be held to account; just take the money and stick your head in the sand. Say nothing, do no harm – do no good.
    How can these people sleep at night?

  4. Anne Milton clearly subscribes to the doctrine of divide and rule. In so doing, she is failing in her duty to tackle an issue for which she has responsibility.

    I hope that one day the Prime Minister will hold her to account for that failure and get rid of her.

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