CFS Research Foundation (UK) look for new administrator/director

April 16, 2011

From “Third Sector Jobs”, 13 April 2011.



The CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) Research Foundation is the only charity in the UK focussing entirely on research into the devastating disease usually known as ME. This illness affects 250,000 people in the UK including 25,000 children. Its proclaimed aim is to support high quality research aimed at understanding the basis of CFS/ME and its treatment. It funds only biomedical research.

The Foundation is a world leader in CFS/ME research and its current research is bringing us ever nearer to a diagnostic test which will then lead us onto therapies and, hopefully, a cure. It has a distinguished scientific committee. There is more information on the website:

The trustees now wish to appoint a highly motivated person to work with the Honorary Director to administer the charity, develop fundraising and the website, secure proposals for research, service its scientific committee and manage its affairs. The first task in conjunction with the Honorary Director will be to produce, within two months, a simple forward plan for the charity and to implement the research strategy.

The candidate

While there is an office in Sarratt, Rickmansworth the person is likely to be someone comfortable working from home and with a record of good organisational skills and some evidence of developing small charities or businesses.

A successful candidate would liaise with the researchers to ensure that regular reports are produced and to encourage new proposals.

The essential requirements

· An eagerness to bring the plight of people with this neglected disease to scientists, doctors and the general public
· Proven administrative skills
· Willingness to learn or gain knowledge of scientific process and medical terms
· Self motivated

The desirable requirements

· An understanding of fundraising
· Excellent written communication skills
· Comfortable raising funds in part for their own fees

The trustees have skills in accountancy, communications, fundraising and research to support the appointment but are looking for someone with the drive to design and implement a plan and the personal initiative to take the charity forward.

The application process

Applications are accepted by email only and close at 5pm on 17th May. These should include a CV explaining any gaps in employment history and a covering letter providing evidence of how you fit the essential requirements above please submit these by clicking the Apply Now button.

Short listed candidates will be asked for interview on Tuesday 31st May at The Medical Society of London, W1. These candidates will have the opportunity to talk to Andrew Gairdner (Chairman) or Anne Faulkner (Honorary Director) by phone or email prior to the interview.

The interview will last an hour and start with a 10 minute presentation on the issues the candidate would seek to address in preparing a forward plan.

The terms and conditions

A fee of £20,000 has been earmarked in the small unrestricted reserves of the charity and will be paid over 12 months against targets agreed between the person selected and trustees arising from the actions in the forward plan. Thereafter the position would be dependent on raising the funds.

The trustees will give every assistance in this process and would expect a simple plan to be available for discussion within 4-8 weeks of any appointment.

The fee will include the use of the appointee’s home and equipment as a base and office for the charity, but exclude chargeable consumables such as travel, phone, print etc.

The charity’s current small self-contained office in Sarratt is available if requested.

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