Kathy doubled the distance for a powerful win for The ME Association

March 2, 2011

A poolside error in counting the laps meant that Kathy Galer swam twice the distance she needed to when she took on a sponsored swim for The ME Association.

But double the effort at the K2 Leisure Centre in Crawley on 21 February turned up trumps as Kathy powered to a finish which so far has earned more than £500 for The MEA – when the Gift Aid is added in. She covered the distance in an hour and 20 minutes.

“It was a bit of a puff but I got there in the end”, said Kathy. She took on the challenge because her father Paul has had ME for about 12 years. For the first six months, he slept 20 hours a day and eventually had to give up work. Paul has made progress since then but he still suffers from muscle fatigue and short-term memory loss.

Once she had got her breath back, Kathy and family adjourned to her favourite watering hole – The Black Swan in Crawley – where they collected a massive £70 in just a couple of hours.

“I'd like Vecktor for supplying the T-shirts, Clare and Thomas at K2 for organising the lane and letting me swim, and Maya and Tony at the MEA for being on the other end of line”, said Kathy.

If you would like to tip an extra couple of quid into Kathy's fundraising account, please click on the JustGiving logo below:


Pictured: Kathy, father Paul (right) and her uncle Mick.

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