Help wanted – electric toothbrushes

March 11, 2011

Can anyone offer any advice to one of our members regarding electric toothbrushes?

The person has had ME for 20 years and has weak muscles because of it.

She is looking for an easy-to-use electric toothbrush which has an alternative control button to the push-in-type as she is unable to facilitate it.

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2 thoughts on “Help wanted – electric toothbrushes”

  1. I would suggest that the person contacts their local Salaried Dental Service, who specialise in treating people with special medical needs. They may have advice on toothbrushes and other dental care eg the use of mouthwashes or prescription toothpastes that could be helpful.

    Her PCT should be able to direct her to the Salaried Dental Service for her area.

  2. I gave up using them because of the vibration and sound, as sensory input has a huge effect on me, however, i would say that before this i had bad experiences of cheaper ones being very short lived and breaking after just a few weeks, so my recommendation would be to buy as pricey as you can afford.

    @cathySL – i had never heard of the SDservice thats really a good thing to know.

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