Dr Myhill is allowed to practise medicine again

January 8, 2011

From the Western Mail, 8 January 2011 (story by Madeleine Brindley).

A doctor specialising in the treatment of ME has been told she is allowed to practise medicine again.

Dr Sarah Myhill had been suspended from the medical register by the General Medical Council following complaints about the content of her website and her management of a patient.

But a GMC interim orders panel hearing has restored her name to the register with conditions.

Dr Myhill, who is based in Llangunllo, Powys, last night said: “I am so grateful to those thousands of patients and medical colleagues who knew that I was a good doctor who had done nothing wrong and kept their faith in me.

“Without their help and support I would have struggled to find the strength to fight.”

She has said she would pursue a High Court case against the GMC on the grounds it “blatantly infringed and broke the law and its own rules”.

Dr Myhill also pledged to challenge the conditions on her licence to practise, which she described as “face-saving gestures”.

A GMC interim orders panel suspended Dr Myhill in October describing her as a risk to patients.

The action stemmed from complaints about the content of her website, which included advising women against taking the contraceptive pill, and the way in which she had managed a patient with neurological disease.

This week’s hearing restored Dr Myhill’s licence to practise but imposed nine conditions, including not prescribing medicines outside of their licensed use or limits and keeping a detailed log whenever she personally prescribes or advises prescription.

The panel’s determination said: “Imposing conditions on your registration, at this time, is a necessary and proportionate response to the risks posed by you practising medicine unrestricted.”

The order will be reviewed in three months.


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3 thoughts on “Dr Myhill is allowed to practise medicine again”

  1. I am not a ‘patient’ of Dr Myhill. However, do these ‘conditions’ mean that she can no longer ‘treat’ ME sufferers with the ‘medications’ that I know she has been?

  2. This is fantastic news. I have been a private client/patient receiving advice and guidance regarding the management of my chronic fatigue from Dr Mhyill for 18 months. After 5 long years with very little improvement in symptoms, I began slowly recovering following her recommendations which, in part, involved a blood test looking at mitochondrial functioning. None of the help she offered was available on the NHS, without her pioneering work I would not have my health & life back.

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