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Review in primary care

1.15 Review in primary care

1.15.1 Offer adults with ME/CFS a review of their care and support plan in primary care at least once a year.

1.15.2 Offer children and young people with ME/CFS a review of their care and support plan at least every 6 months.

1.15.3 Arrange more frequent primary care reviews for children, young people and adults with ME/CFS as needed, depending on the severity and complexity of their symptoms, and the effectiveness of any symptom management.

1.15.4 When carrying out a review in primary care, ensure you have access to the person's care and support plan and any clinical communications from the ME/CFS specialist team (including their discharge letter, if relevant).

1.15.5 As part of the review, discuss with the person with ME/CFS (and their family or carers, as appropriate) and record as a minimum:

  • their condition, including any changes in their illness and the impact of this
  • symptoms, including whether they have experienced new symptoms
  • self-management − ask about their energy management plan and (if relevant) their physical activity or exercise programme
  • who is helping them and how they provide support
  • psychological, emotional and social wellbeing
  • any future plans − ask if the person is considering any changes or if they have any challenges ahead.

1.15.6 Refer the person with ME/CFS to their named contact in the ME/CFS specialist team if there are any new or deteriorating aspects of their condition.

1.15.7 Consider seeking advice from an appropriate specialist if there is uncertainty about interpreting signs and symptoms and whether a referral is needed.

1.15.8 Evaluate and investigate whether new symptoms, or a change in symptoms, are due to the person's ME/CFS or whether they are due to another condition.

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