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Maintaining independence

Also see the recommendations on social care and supporting families and carers of people with ME/CFS.

1.8.5 If a person with ME/CFS needs support at home, carry out a social care needs assessment. As a minimum, record and provide information and support on:

  • activities of daily living
  • mobility, including transferring from bed to chair, access to and use of toilet and washing facilities, use of stairs, and access to outside space
  • dexterity and balance, including avoiding falls
  • their home, including environmental controls to reduce light levels, sound levels and temperature fluctuations
  • the feasibility of equipment and adaptations
  • access to technology, including internet access
  • where to get financial support and advice, for example signposting to advice on money management and making personalised arrangements with banks or the Post Office to access personal finances, and how to claim carers' and disability benefits and grants.

1.8.6 Give families and carers information on how to access training and resources about caring for the person with ME/CFS (see the NICE guideline on supporting adult carers).

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