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Flare-ups and relapse

1.11.15 Agree with the person how to adjust their physical activity during a flare-up or relapse. This should include:

  • - providing access to review and support from a physiotherapist in an ME/CFS specialist team
  • - stabilising their symptoms by reducing physical activity to within their current energy limits
  • - only once symptoms stabilise and the person feels able to resume physical activity, establishing a new physical activity baseline.

1.11.16 Advise people with ME/CFS after a flare-up that the time it takes to return to the level of physical activity they had before varies from person to person.

1.12 Symptom management for people with ME/CFS

Refer to relevant NICE guidance for managing symptoms that are not covered in this section, taking into account the recommendations in the sections on principles of care for people with ME/CFS, access to care and support and energy management.

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