Staffordshire Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Service

Address & Contact
Midlands Partnership Foundation Trust Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Service
Physical Health Psychology Therapy Services, 2nd Floor Cannock Chase Hospital
WS11 5XY
01543 576609

The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Service is a small multidisciplinary service made up of Psychology and Occupational Therapy input within the Physical Health Psychology Service at Cannock Chase Hospital in Staffordshire. All referrals to the CFS service are received from G.P’s within the geographical areas of Staffordshire. We also accept referrals from medical consultants form the Royal Wolverhampton Trust. The G.P/ consultant making the referral should provide a confirmed diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. We do not have a medic and therefore the service is unable to provide a diagnosis. GP’s/ Consultants can complete our CFS referral form or write a confirmation letter. We accept referral age 16 and over and the majority of referrals are of people with moderate CFS. However we do see some severe patients. We can provide group and time limited individual input. These can cover
• .The understanding and acceptance of CFS
• Thoughts and feelings in relation to CFS
• Activity and resting advice
• Guidance on sleep, memory and concentration issues
• Managing stress
• Problem solving techniques
• Coping strategies
• The importance of relaxation

Groups also provide the opportunity to meet others online/ face to face who have CFS, therefore reducing the feelings of isolation that can often be experienced.

We can see patient’s face to face, via telephone or online video consultation.

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