Portsmouth ME/CFS Service

Address & Contact
St Mary's Community Health Campus
Milton Road
0300 123 6669

  • We are a team of specialist health professionals.
  • We provide assessment and treatment for patients who have symptoms consistent with ME/CFS and who are aged 16 and over and are registered with a Portsmouth City GP.
  • Our team is made up of a specialist occupational therapist, a specialist physiotherapist and a psychologist, along with administrative support.
  • We support GPs and other medical professionals with the process of diagnosing ME/CFS. Our treatments are based on a self-management approach.
  • We help people to understand the condition and support them to find ways to stabilise the symptoms and build up their energy resources gradually.
  • We work with people who are mildly or moderately affected and those who are severely affected.
  • Treatment is individually tailored to help each person to manage their symptoms and improve their functioning and overall quality of life.
  • The approaches we use are recommended by the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE).
  • We offer both individual and group treatments. The length of sessions varies from up to an hour for individual sessions to 2 hours for group sessions, with breaks included.
  • Appointments can take place at our hospital base, or via video or telephone consultation. Occasionally we see people in their homes.
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