Nottingham CityCare MOSAIC Service

Address & Contact
1 Standard Court
Park Row
0115 8838320

The MOSAIC service covers many conditions, including CFS/ME, for patients who are registered with a GP in Nottingham City. The service brings together experienced physiotherapists, occupational therapists, hospital consultants, pain practitioners, CFS/ME practitioners, pharmacists and well-being practitioners. Patients are seen by the most appropriate clinician according to their needs, at the right time and in a community location close to their home.

Following an assessment, patients may be referred for further diagnostics or offered a range of interventions specific to their needs. Typically this may include musculoskeletal physiotherapy or occupational therapy, individual biopsychosocial treatment, pain or CFS/ME management programmes, self-management workshops, medication review clinics, injections if indicated or onward referral for surgery in hospital if required. The MOSAIC service also works closely with other healthcare and voluntary sector organisations, providing access to services such as psychological therapies or exercise groups in the community. Our focus is on education and self-management support to best help you manage your condition in the long term.

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