Contact: Meg Pollock or Pamela Binny

Please see note on website availability below.
New Facebook: M E Lochaber
The Support Network is here to help people in the Lochaber area whose lives are affected by the illness PVFS / CFS / M.E. We are a friendly and down-to-earth group who aim to help both people with the illness and their carers, families and friends. Being a grass-roots group, we're not medically trained and don't give medical advice, however we can provide information and members can share tips on what's worked for them.

Website Update Information: Our website (  will expire at the end of May 2024. Instead, a new Facebook page has been created  in order that potential new members will be able to find us. Please check out the link below and be sure to Like and Follow us 🙂

In order to minimise the time and effort involved in administrating social media, it will not be possible for members to post on the Facebook page. However we are keen that they continue to share information that may be of interest to the wider group. Email will still be our main means of communication and, if anyone has information to share, they have been asked to continue to send details to this email address so I can forward it to members.

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