Hi I'm Naomi.

I wouldn't have started blogging if I hadn't have become unwell. I love blogging and it's something positive that come out of a negative in my life; the negative being becoming unwell. I have severe M.E alongside other chronic illnesses and disabilities. My blog features all aspects of who I am as I am more than my disabilities and they are just a portion of who I am. Some of the topics I blog about include disability awareness, lifestyle and disability lifestyle, wellbeing, craft tutorials, my hobbies and other interests, book and product reviews, fashion and beauty, collaborations and more. I see my blog as a platform to share my life and more importantly to give my disabilities like M.E a voice so that more people have a better understanding of the illnesses I have to help try and raise awareness and using my lived experience and turning that into something positive. Being a blogger with disabilities, especially having M.E is hard but I've found my ways to continue being able to blog as it's something I love and feel so passionate about doing.

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