Richard Cantillon

  • Richard qualified as a dentist in December 1980, and it was all he’d ever wanted to do since the age of 9. You could say that he’d ‘lived the dream’.
  • He worked in Southport for 6 years before moving to his present practice on the Cheshire/Derbyshire border over 36 years ago which he has owned and managed for most of that time.
  • He has always felt that it was more important for anyone with ongoing health vulnerabilities to avoid dental diseases, which in the main, are preventable.
  • The other problem is accessing treatment, which of course involves finding an interested, sympathetic dentist to help. Richard still believes that most of his colleagues are in this category, although his profession has become much more difficult during his time as a dentist.
  • The main reason he accepted this role was that he was asked very nicely, by a lovely woman with ME, who works for the charity and is his patient. It has not been an arduous appointment, but he’s helped many members over the years.
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