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Here at the ME Association we have an incredible team of ‘champion bloggers’ who produce quality content that we share on our social media platforms and in ME Essential magazine.

All of our writers have M.E. and other chronic illnesses and are an asset to both this charity and the patient community.

We are currently looking for more bloggers to lend diversity to our writers and content. If you are interested in joining us, please contact

Clare Wood: Smiling Clare

Clare’s blog: Smiling Clare.

Hi, I’m Clare. I was diagnosed with M.E. in 2005 when I had just started secondary school.

I went from an energetic girl, who almost always had her head stuck in a book, to being almost bed bound for 3-4 years whilst studying for my GCSEs, and struggling to read much more than a few sentences, let alone a whole book.

Between 2010 and 2017 I completed a degree part-time with The Open University. In 2019 I gained the additional diagnosis of hypermobility. Physiotherapy began and to this day continues.

I also have autonomic dysfunction, in the form of Postural Tachycardia Syndrome, with other forms of autonomic dysfunction still under investigation.

Currently unable to work due to the sheer number of hospital appointments, I live with my parents at their home in Essex, UK. My blog is my way of sharing tips and tricks for living with chronic illness, sharing my journey and generally a way of helping me cope; it includes the highs and lows of living, within the limits dictated by chronic illness.

Daniel Moore: The Low Side

Daniel’s blog: The Low Side.

Hi I’m Daniel. I lived with M.E. throughout my adolescence for seven years in the 90s, missing most of my secondary education before going on to live a ‘normal life’ (other than my body rejecting high energy exercise!).

I’m a qualified social worker, having worked in fostering and children’s disability services for ten years before I became ill again in January 2018.

I live with my wife and two children in the farmhouse where I grew up in Northumberland and can go for weeks without experiencing civilisation!

We have a dog called Hugo and a cat called Billy. I write reflectively about life with M.E. and enjoy reading, photography and writing poetry.

Hannah Radenkova: Super Pooped

Hannah’s blog: Superpooped.

Hi, I’m Hannah, an illustrator and blogger from an incredibly flat part of England, called the Fens.

The main idea of my blog is to give me an easy way to keep friends and family informed about my road to recovery, and to help them understand my illness. 

This is primarily because whenever I have to talk to someone about her my situation, I suddenly become Monty Python’s black knight, cheerfully insisting I’m fine no matter how much I’m bleeding all over the forest floor.

I am housebound with ME/CFS, and live with my parents/carers, and my cat, Jessicat Fletcher, who is part adorable, fluffy kitten, and part vicious hellbeast.

Jenny McGibbon: This thing they call recovery

Jenny’s blog: This thing they call recovery.

Hi, I’m Jenny, a Scottish graphic designer in my mid-twenties.

I’ve suffered from ME for 6 years now, and use my blog and social media channels to raise awareness of what living with this condition is like.

I’m particularly passionate about creating health content that is friendly, approachable and honest. Chronic illness affects our lives as much as our bodies, and it’s time more people knew about it.

Jessica Taylor-Bearman: JayTay

Jessica’s blog: JayTay.

Hi, I’m Jessica and I have been suffering with M.E. since 2006. I used to suffer with very severe M.E., and I wrote a book called ‘A Girl Behind Dark Glasses’.

I write a blog on my website and I have a Facebook page called The World of One Room. I am an artist of some sorts and came up with a way to paint through laughter!

I have recently become a mum and blog about the realities of being a mum with a chronic illness. I also founded my charity Share a Star. I’m passionate at being a voice for the voiceless, having been voiceless for so long.

Lorna McFindlow: Cream Crackered

Lorna’s blog: CreamCrackered.

Hi, I’m Lorna, a blogger who lives in Lancashire with my husband and two cats.

Formerly a primary school teacher, I am now predominantly housebound and spend my time writing to raise awareness and advocate for the M.E community.

Before getting sick, my hobbies were running, hiking and cycling. My main hobbies now are trying and failing to keep my indoor plants alive and taking an unhealthy amount of cat photos.

Louise Shepherd: Louise’s Little Life

Louise’s blog: Louise’s Little Life.

Hello, my name is Louise. I’m a cat mum who enjoys writing, reading, photography and drinking too much tea (if there is such a thing!?).

Along with M.E, I also have Hypothyroidism, Eczema, Anaemia, Depression, Anxiety and OCD.

I began documenting my life dealing with my chronic illnesses many years ago and I also write books and general life-related pieces as well.

Along with articles dedicated to chronic illness, I also write about books and life in general. My cats may also turn up in an article from time to time.

I hope you find the blogs I write helpful in some way. I’m always open to suggestions for topics, so if there’s anything you’d like me to write about, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Sakara Dee: Learning from what I’ve already written

Sakara’s blog: Learning from what I’ve already written.

Hello, I’m Sakara! I’ve had M.E. since I was 5, it’s varied a lot but currently I can leave my home most weeks and am a part-time wheelchair user (who highly recommends small mobility scooters!).

I love trying to share my perspective with other people (to either comfort those in a similar situation or raise awareness) through blogging, music (I’m a singer/songwriter) and generally rambling.

Soph Crowley: Mummying and ME

Hi, I’m Soph and I’m a chronic illness blogger and music teacher from Hertfordshire, UK. I live with my husband, toddler daughter and multiple sets of mobility wheels.

Soph’s blog: Mummying and M.E.

Alongside M.E., I have asthma, eczema, chronic costochondritis, vestibular migraines, anxiety and depression.

Prior to life with M.E. I was a primary school teacher with an active social life and exercised regularly. I now rely on my electric wheels to get around and use blog writing as a way to mentally process the multiple life changes that M.E. have brought.

I teach piano from my home for an hour a day and spend most of the rest of the day lying down drinking tea, watching endless reruns of Friends and reading the Internet.

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