ME Awareness Week

For ME Awareness Week 2021 we will be discussing health and social care and the recent experiences of people with ME/CFS.

We need to raise awareness of what is happening now and try to discern how the new NICE clinical guideline might help to change current practices for the better or build on existing good practice.

While we wait for the new guideline to be published (18 August 2021), we have time to consider what we want to change and how we might work with the NHS to improve the current situation.

It is our hope that with the new clinical guideline, people with, or who are suspected of having, ME/CFS, can also reengage with the NHS and that awareness of the condition will mean more instances of best practice are felt by more people.

Nobody should feel that engaging with the NHS will mean they might encounter disbelief or that they will have to fight to get the care they deserve.

MEA Awareness Posters

Please feel free to use the posters and graphics to help raise awareness and spread our message so that we try and reach people who might have symptoms but not a diagnosis, who might have a diagnosis but not yet be part of the online community, and to others outside the patient community who might not understand the disease.

Clicking on any of the above images will download a PDF of the poster. To use any of these images in social media right click (PC) or control click (Mac) and choose the option to save the image to your machine.

The Lost Years

Symptoms Graphics

Fundraising Leaflets

  • FUNDRAISING SUPPLIES AND SUPPORT CHECKLIST for general use during the year

    We will be delighted to supply free kit to both your principal fundraisers and to people who turn out to support you on the day – so don’t be shy to ask! If you’ve any doubt on this score, please contact me for further information.

  • FUNDRAISING SUPPLIES AND SUPPORT CHECKLIST for use in the Go Blue for ME annual campaign

    We have a range of posters, leaflets and other supplies to help your fundraising and to help you explain ME to others. Please complete this form and return it to us - by post if you like or, to get quicker results, by emailing a scan of the completed form to me and we’ll try to get the supplies out to you by return.

Other Resources

ME Association Video

ME Awareness Week Blogs

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