Italian language ME/CFS website

We have just been notified of this Italian-language ME/CFS website and chat forum. CFSItalia  The site administrator tells us: CFSItalia’s aim is to brief patients, health care professionals and people with suspected CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) by publicising studies, research, centres of diagnosis addresses, recent findings, pathogenesis hypotheses, treatments and their results. In the Forum, […]

House of Commons, NICE, May 14

Brighton MP David Lepper tabled a question about the draft NICE guideline on clinical practice in ME/CFS. He received a written answer from Minister for Public Health Caroline Flint on May 14.

Joint statement on NHS Plus occupational health guidance | 14 May 2007

A total of 25 ME charities and organisations have now signed up to a joint statement on the recently published NHS Plus occupational health guidance for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which appears below. The statement has been sent to Dr Ira Madan, clinical standards director of NHS Plus, and was discussed at the All Party Parliamentary […]

Information about “Activive” wanted (UK & USA)

MAY BE REPOSTED   I am investigating therapeutic claims relating to ME/CFS that are being made in the UK for a ‘natural’ product known as Activive.   I would be be grateful for any information from anyone who has ever bought or used this product.   I understand that the country of origin for this […]

NICE guideline: MEA response

The ME Association’s much praised response to the draft NICE guideline – first published in the December 2006 issue of our quarterly ME Essential magazine – is now available on this website to read and to print off. The document is 6,650 words in length and was written by our medical adviser Dr Charles Shepherd […]

Local ME group to launch development plan

To mark ME Awareness Day on Saturday 12th May 2007 Shropshire and Wrekin ME Support will launch their Development Plan on the original iron bridge in Ironbridge, Shropshire. Liz Lynne MEP, one of the group’s patrons, will attend.

Melvin Ramsay Society Meeting – Friday 20 April 2007

MAY BE REPOSTED The Melvin Ramsay Society is a medical and scientific study group. The membership, which consists of doctors and other health professionals who believe that ME/CFS is a physical illness, organise scientific and clinical meetings and seminars which we pay for out of our membership fees. The next meeting of the Melvin Ramsay […]

Scottish Cross-Party Group: legacy paper

Legacy paper The Cross Party Group on M.E. (M.E. as defined by the World Health ,Organisation) will formally break up before the Scottish Parliament elections in May 2007. The Group leaves the following legacy paper to the Cross Party Group that will reform following the elections so that the work that has been carried out […]

Ticked off – The Scotsman. April 7

Ticked off By Alastair Robertson MY WIFE’S BEST FRIEND from Somerset writes to say her dogs have had ticks ALL winter. Can you beleeeeve it!!!! Like a great many women with dogs, and some, I am sure, without, my wife’s best friend writes in exclamation marks. I don’t mind; it’s very nice that she writes. […]


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