News | The ME Association - Part 199

Psychological therapy as a treatment for ME

The Daily Telegraph published a letter by Professor Peter Littlejohns, clinical and public health director at the National Insttitute for Health and Clinical Excellence, in which he refutes the claim that NICE considers ME a psychological disorder. Dr Charles Shepherd, medical adviser to The ME Association, has also submitted a letter to the Daily Telegraph […]

MEA Board of Trustees meeting, November 13

This is a brief summary of key issues that were discussed at The ME Association Board of Trustees meeting held in Buckingham on Tuesday 13 November 2007. It also covers a few matters that were discussed at an informal meeting of trustees held over dinner the evening before.

House of Commons adjournment debate

Buckingham MP John Bercow, who is a patron of The ME Association, has entered the ballot for an adjournment debate on ME/CFS to be held in the House of Commons in the week beginning November 19. If he is successful, the motion will force an appearance by a Government minister to reply to the debate. […]

BBC News investigation into UNUM

There was an interesting short report on the BBC 10pm news on Tuesday evening (November 6) regarding an investigation they have been carrying out into the activities of the American insurance giant UNUM and the very close links that this company has established over the years with the DWP.

Name Change Committee: ME/CFS gets the nod

The CFS Name Change Advisory Board (NCAB) has amended its initial proposal and now recommends that the name for ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’ be changed to the acronym ME/CFS. (Note: Many illnesses are known by their acronym – e.g., HIV.) The resolution modifies their earlier recommendation that the ‘ME’ in ME/CFS should stand for Myalgic Encephalopathy.

Financing a judicial review of the NICE guideline on ME/CFS

The ME Association recently received an email from the One Click  Group asking for a contribution towards the costs of bringing a legal action for judicial review of the NICE Guideline on CFS/ME. The Association has been asked by members for its view on whether such a contribution should be made.


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