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ME/CFS/PVFS Clinical and Research Guide

The 2020 edition of ‘ME/CFS/PVFS – An Exploration of the Clinical Issues’ is a comprehensive 150 page guide to research, diagnosis, symptoms, and all aspects of management.

Research Summary Factsheet – Understanding the Pathology of ME

M.E. (myalgic encephalopathy or encephalomyelitis) is a complex multisystem disease with a wide range of disabling symptoms. “The most widely accepted model for M.E. is that it is a complex, multisystem disease which is triggered by an immune system stressor, commonly an infection, in a genetically predisposed individual. “The illness is then perpetuated by interaction […]

ME Awareness: What the research is telling us about the pathology of ME |11 May 2020

This leaflet provides a summary of what biomedical research is telling us about M.E. It considers key symptoms, common triggers, and explains how various aspects of disease pathology could be linked to specific symptoms.


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