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Opportunity for people with ME/CFS and Long Covid to engage with Scottish Government

Opportunity for people living with ME/CFS to engage with Scottish Government on the creation of the National Care Service

The Scottish Government officials will be hosting two sessions to find out more about the challenges that people living with ME/CFS and long covid, face when accessing social care support services.

The first session will be held on 24 April at 2pm, and the second session on 1 May at 2pm.

Scottish Government Information:

The first session will focus on individuals living with ME/CFS or Long Covid, experiences of accessing social care and the assessment process. The following questions will be asked:

  • Have you ever tried to access social care support services? (if yes what was your experience of this, if no why?)
  • Have you ever been through the assessment process for social care services? (if yes what was your experience of this, if no why?)
  • Are you aware that eligibility criteria are used to reach decisions about social care support?

During the second session, we will be asking how you think the process could be improved.

The questions will include:

  • How might we take a person-led approach to eligibility criteria that meets people's social care support needs?
  • How might we make it easier for people with ME/CFS to engage and communicate with social care support services if traditional methods aren't right for them?
  • How might we make sure friends, family and carers are involved in the assessment process so that the person gets the support they need?

Both sessions will last no longer than 1 hour each, and you are free to join for as little or as long as you can. All discussion points will be gathered anonymously. They will both be run on Microsoft Teams.

This specific session is for people with living experience of ME/CFS or Long Covid, including family members of individuals and we hope you will attend. If you’re interested in taking part, please email to register your interest by 22 April.

Please note: We appreciate that due to the fluctuating nature of the condition, individuals may register and then may not be able to attend on the day. Please do not let this prevent you from registering. Additionally, if you are keen to engage on this matter but cannot attend a Teams session we encourage you to still register interest, as there may be other opportunities to engage that we can make you aware of, for example through short surveys or written responses in your own time.

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