Time’s running out – could you spare us a minute?

Time's running out, please, for people to nominate us in the next round of this voting competition. The draw for the next round – when 50 prizes of £1,000 will be up for grabs – closes next Monday (18th March).

The ME Association is already in with a good chance to win £1,000 – but we do need many more nominations to turn that dream into reality.

If you've done this before, you almost certainly know the drill.

The quickest way to nominate us and avoid spelling out the full name of the charity is to key in our charity number when asked.

It's 801279

Then just let the form take the strain! It should take under a minute to complete.

Including this one in March, there will be another five draws spread over the year with many thousands of pounds being given away to your favourite charities. The earlier you nominate, the more chances we have of being drawn.

The winners of all 50 £1,000 awards in this, the second round, will be announced on The Movement for Good website on 22nd March.

Please click on the following link to to be taken directly to the nomination page:


Thank you very much!

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