GBN: Britons with long Covid could be eligible for £172 a week help from the DWP

Article extracts:

Britons who are suffering from long-term Covid-19 could be eligible for disability benefits support, which is paid by the DWP. PIP is the main payment administered by the Government to assist those with the financial costs that arise from having a long-term health condition or illness.

GBN – By Patrick O'Donnell

The DWP has added long Covid-19 to the list of medical conditions which make someone eligible for PIP.

According to the latest DWP statistics, some 12,841 Britons claim the disability benefit for an infectious disease as of October 2023.

Furthermore, 10,975 people have been awarded PIP for having a viral illness, which includes 5,808 claimants for Covid.

How much someone gets from the DWP’s primary benefit payment depends on their condition and how it affects them.

The NHS lists many symptoms as being most commonly associated with having long Covid, including fatigue, loss of smell, shortness of breath and muscle aches.

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