Could we fill up those places in our road race calendars?

This is just a brief note to let you know that the ME Association is currently able to offer places in the closed-roads London Landmarks Half Marathon in April next year – we've bought 10 and still have some available. You will need to be aged over 17 and able to complete the distance within four hours, when the roads in central London will be reopened.

We also plan to buy places in the Great North Run next September on the official resale market when it opens in May but don't yet know how many we can get hold of. I'm keeping a list a people who would like to run this half marathon between Newcastle and South Shields for us – so please get in touch if you would like your name to go on that list!

And we've applied to buy 5 or 10 places in the London Marathon, but apparently they won't be available until 2025 at the earliest. Because of the enormous demand, we shall have to take part in a charity ballot for those and, if we're lucky enough to be offered them, then sign up to a two-year contract.

Please let me know if you or any of our friends are interested in any of these races and I shall do my best to get you into them. And if you win places through the public ballot in any of these events, please consider running to raise money for the ME Association. I would be delighted to support you.

Thank you!

Tony Britton
Senior Fundraising Consultant, The ME Association Mob: 07393 805566

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