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New Booklet now available: Ten Key Aspects of Management

Dr Charles Shepherd, Trustee and Honorary Medical Adviser to The ME Association has updated the booklet, ‘Ten Key Aspects of Management: The ten most important factors of managing your ME/CFS ‘.

This 16-page booklet brings together the ten most important aspects of managing your ME/CFS and provides links to further sources of information or guidance from the ME Association and elsewhere and is consistent with the recommendations in the October 2021 NICE guideline on ME/CFS.

It is available to download FREE from the website shop.

The Ten Key Aspects discussed in the booklet are:

  • Make sure the diagnosis is correct and don't automatically attribute new or worsening symptoms to ME/CFS.
  • What can Health Professionals do to help?
  • Drugs can help to relieve some ME/CFS symptoms – but we don't have a cure yet.
  • PACING – striking the right balance between activity and rest.
  • Dealing with emotional and mental health issues.
  • Sorting out work , education and family responsibilities.
  • Obtaining state and private sector benefits.
  • How to obtain social and practical support, and help for carers.
  • Vitamins, minerals, supplements and nutrition.
  • .Alternative and complementary approaches.

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