Living with M.E. A Photographic Study by Jeremy Jeffs

Photographer Jeremy Jeffs is looking for more people to take part in a project that aims to give identity and visibility to people who are living with M.E.

For the past 2 years Jeremy, who has M.E. himself, has been travelling around the country photographing people in their homes, with the aim of showing the many ways in which the disease affects people. So far he’s photographed around 25 people and he hopes that the project will eventually feature 40 to 50 portraits. 

For Jeremy it’s a very personal project, as he’s lived with the disease for more than 30 years having been first diagnosed at the age of 19. It’s a self funded project and isn’t being paid for by any media outlets or charities. His aim is to produce a book or exhibition that will show the reality of life with M.E and to show the diverse range of people who have the disease.

He’d like to hear from anyone who has M.E as well as those who care for them. Currently under represented in the project are people with severe or very severe M.E. and people from ethnic minority groups.

If you’re interested in taking part, or you’d like to know more then please drop Jeremy a line at and you can see more of his work at

Thank you!

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