Image description: The picture shows a medical person administering a flu and COVID-19 vaccine to a patient. The title reads: Website survey Sept 2023: Autumn Covid Booster and Flu Vaccinations. ME Association logo bottom right

Website Survey September 2023: Autumn Covid Booster and Flu Vaccinations

We are launching this website survey to gather information on your decision and to try and understand the extent of any adverse reactions that might occur from Autumn Covid Booster or the Flu vaccination. If you don’t experience an adverse reaction, then we’d still appreciate you taking the time to complete the survey so that we might get an overall picture. You can also share your story with us via email:

We also made 2 template letters available that you can use to try and get Free NHS vaccinations and have written extensively about both vaccines in 2 recent blogs:
– The ME Association: Autumn Covid Booster Information (2023).
– The ME Association: Flu Vaccine Information (2023-24).

Please click on the link below to access the website survey:

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