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Severe ME Week: Poems

Poems (4 of 4 website blogs)

In the world but worlds away 

Present in the confines of my shell 

I look like me and talk like me 

In my distorted version of hell

Unseen, unheard, a fading ghost 

A breathing corpse 

A voice on the telephone 

Would have you believe I’m here

Fooled by sounds that mimic mine

No footprints left in the sands of time

Barefoot, shoes belonging to another life

Autumn wellies adorned but twice 

Winter slips to spring, slips to summertime

Oh, but to slip on a pair of shoes 

A foreign relic left behind 

No rhyme or reason to my crime 

The seasons pass and nothing happens

Energy so low it’s rationed 

I crave to dance, to walk, to play

To never waste another day

I look like me in different clothing

I wear all black these days in mourning

No longer recognise myself 

I’d trade my soul for an ounce of health

A wake of cosmic dancing and dreams unfold

Remenicing a world where stories used to be told

My life has been lost in a wooden wardrobe

Where attire inspires forgotten tales to embrace

Each thread a symbol of hope and grace

– By Nadine

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, the name they give,

An illness so misunderstood, its hard to live

It turns out invisible,

Means dismissible

The cause unknown,

We are left alone

Symptoms unseen,

My life robbed of all that could’ve been

M.E. the illness i cannot prove,

My limbs are weak, I cannot move

The waves drag me under,

The symptoms hit like thunder

Then the concrete feeling sets in,

My world turns dim

My body broken, my sprit drained

A life half lived, forever restrained

Pain and exhaustion beyond compare,

A struggle to breathe, a gasping for air

I lay in bed for days and weeks,

Not able to find the energy my body seeks,

Weighed down, my head throbs and my eyes burn,

My body aches, my muscles quake, but met with unconcern

In silence and stillness I exist,

Living in a body that always resists

Now trapped inside the four walls of this room,

I have little life, my body consumed.

Days blur into weeks, weeks into years,

A life thats been stolen, a future full of fears.

This is the life of M.E.

A chronic illness thats hard to see

Waiting for someone to lift this heavy veil,

To set me free from my body’s jail

For now i lay here day after day,

Hoping for change, in some way

But funding is missing,

It seems no one is listening.

We fight to get our voices heard,

Not listened to, but not deterred.

You never see, You ignore M.E.

– By Katie

I have the Will but not the power

If I could only get in the shower

I have the Will to sit up and stand

If I could only, wouldn’t it be grand

I have the Will to eat a good meal

If I could only, but I need to heal

I have the Will to play a game

But just watching isn’t quite the same

I have the Will to go swimming

If I could only, wouldn’t it be thrilling

I have the Will to sing and dance

That would be my life at a glance

I have the Will to go out skipping

I have the Will, but the clock is ticking. 

– By Alison Love

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