T cell receptor research using ME Biobank samples

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Pre-print research paper from Professor Chris Ponting et al at the University of Edinburgh on T cell receptor research using blood samples – 160 PBMCs – from the ME Biobank

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Research summary by Dr Shepherd:

Professor Chris Ponting is leading the Decode ME research study at the University of Edinburgh looking at the genetics of ME/CFS.

The ME Biobank is funded – at a cost of around £80,000 per annum – by the MEA Ramsay Research Fund

The ME Biobank supplies blood samples from people with ME/CFS + anonymised clinical data (and multiples sclerosis samples for control purposes) to research groups all over the world

Brief summary on the role of T cells

T cells (or T lymphocytes) are an important part of the immune system orchestra – where they have several different functions relating to how the body responds to infections and allergies.

1 They have a receptor on the cell surface which can recognise and respond to infections, allergies and cancerous cells.

2 They have a memory function in that they can remember previous exposure to infections and allergies.

3 They play a role in maintaining various inflammatory and autoimmune conditions – partly through the production of immune system chemicals called cytokines that are involved in the production of inflammation and inflammation type symptoms

T cell dysfunction has been found in both ME/CFS and Long Covid

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