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New Booklet on Travel now available!

The ME Association has updated all the information relating to travel and added it all into one 27-page booklet. This booklet also includes the template letter regarding Travel and Accommodation. The booklet may be helpful for those with ME/CFS with mild/moderate symptoms and people with ME/CFS or Long Covid who are able to travel.


Is it possible to travel when you ME/CFS or Long Covid?

The short answer is ‘yes’. Of course, you can. The slightly longer answer is that it’s not as easy to travel with a chronic illness as it is for a healthy person. But if you plan properly, consider your limitations and perhaps make changes to the way you travel, with the right preparations in place you can still go out there and discover the world – just do it differently to how you used to.

This booklet covers many aspects relating to Travel and ME/CFS/Long Covid including:

  • Planning your trip
  • Choosing the right destination and accommodation
  • Surviving the journey
  • Help at the airport, railway station or port
  • Travel insurance and pre-travel vaccination
  • Travel checklists

This booklet can be downloaded via our website shop. It is available as a free download until the 23rd July 2023 and afterward, the booklet be listed for the nominal fee of £1.

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