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Please help promote the Count ME In campaign!

#CountMEin is a major campaign whose purpose is to reach as many people as we can who think they might be affected by symptoms – or who have a diagnosis – of ME/CFS or Long Covid.  

Survey Purpose  

  1. To reach as many people as we can in the UK, Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man, who might have symptoms or a diagnosis of ME/CFS and Long Covid.  
  1. To gain insight into how these symptoms and diagnoses are affecting people’s lives and how effective the support from the NHS and social care services has been.  

Survey Outcomes  

  1. We can help more people learn about and recognise ME/CFS and Long Covid, obtain an accurate diagnosis if they need one, and access the most suitable management advice to help improve life quality.  
  1. A report will be produced based on the anonymous survey responses that will be used to:  
  • support continuing efforts to influence others about how people are affected and their ability to access health and social care when needed.  
  • help improve health and social care services, work with healthcare providers to effectively implement the NICE Clinical Guideline recommendations, and to recognise the importance of listening to patients and tailoring care accordingly. 

 We would like to reach as many people in both communities as possible and with your help we can do this. By harnessing ‘people power’ and social media, we can hopefully increase the number of people taking part.  
The more people who complete the survey the greater understanding we will have which will mean we can effectively lobby local healthcare commissioners and have a better chance to bring positive change.  
We aim to use the report to a) increase healthcare specialists and clinics around the UK, b) improve existing specialist services and c) demonstrate the need for more research to find effective treatments.

How you can help

Please visit the website page (see button below) for a #CountMEin media pack including images, suggested wording, profile frames, website stickers, social media banners (Facebook & Twitter) and frames for social media graphics.

The media pack allows you to personalise the graphics using PixoEditor and add your own image which you can then download and post to your own social media accounts.

Don’t worry if you haven’t used PixoEditor before or you’ve never edited an image online before – we have made a video to show you how to do it!

Please join us and help share this campaign – we want to reach large numbers of people from all over the UK – and sharing the link to the survey is an essential part of the #CountMEin campaign.

Thank you! – Don’t forget to ‘tag’ us @meassociation, so we can share your posts and tweets!

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