The annual ‘Movement for Good’ awards – please nominate us to receive £1,000

Financial services company, the Benefact Group, have relaunched their annual charity donation programme. They're running three draws for £1,000 this year – giving us have three chances to receive the prize this year.

But first things first: please nominate us to receive £1,000 in the first round. The first winners will be announced on June 12th so nominate and share early.

Enter by clicking on the link given below and PUT IN OUR CHARITY NUMBER when asked which charity you want to nominate. Saves all that spelling out of the full name of the charity!

The number is 801279.

Please use this link

Once you have nominated us, we will automatically be entered into all three £1,000 draws this year.

Thank you!

Tony Britton
Senior Fundraising Consultant, The ME Association Mob: 07393 805566

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