Megan rests up after her debut children’s show – and before the next one!

Drama school teacher Megan Young has been taking time out this week to recover from knockout performances of her debut children’s show ‘Away With The Fairies'.

The 25-year-old is resting up after putting on two shows last week at the Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School, not far from her home in Sheffield.

Megan Young

“The show has had a big impact on me and I’m still recovering”, said ME sufferer Megan who wrote, choreographed and directed the show put on by The Miniver Academy – the school she founded after illness forced her out of her previous career as a social media manager.

“I'm a person who always wants to be doing things and keeping busy so I find pacing myself is extremely difficult. I have to keep reminding myself that, if I don’t choose to rest and recover, then I will crash. And that is never good.”

Megan had to move from the social media management job in Edinburgh back home to Sheffield so she could be closer to the support network who understand her completely.  And then – when the time felt right – she set up The Miniver Academy.

‘The show was outstanding”, said Megan as she sent over some photos for us to look at.

“The students smashed both performances and I couldn’t be more proud of them. Lots of parents reached out afterwards to let me know how much they had enjoyed it.

“The whole thing has been so lovely. I can’t wait for the next production – another show written by me called ‘The Holmes School for Aspiring Detectives and Investigators’.

But, first, the here and now – a bit of essential health keeping and an acknowledgement that she’s lucky to be able to choose the hours she works!

“We timed the show so a half-term school break would follow it – which meant there were no Miniver Academy classes last week and I could take this extra time to rest up.

“I’m in an extremely lucky position in that I can do what I love despite the struggles that I have with my ME.  But I know that I must continue to be sensible and evaluate my physical (and mental) activity levels in order to stay doing what I love.”

Tony Britton
Senior Fundraising Consultant, The ME Association Mob: 07393 805566

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