Long Covid research few answers

Few answers after two years of Long Covid Research

CTV News covers research that collates studies of Long Covid and concludes that there is little progress in providing relief for people and more can be learnt from studying ME/CFS.

Long Covid Video

Long Covid Physio have an excellent video entitled “Impact of Long COVID on Day-to-Day Life”.


“On the basis of more than two years of research on long COVID and decades of research on conditions such as ME/CFS, a significant proportion of individuals with long COVID may have lifelong disabilities if no action is taken,” the authors wrote.

Among the review’s key findings are that while the presentation of long COVID can vary drastically, it’s clear that there are biological impacts to multiple organs and systems, and that long COVID has significant overlaps with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), and dysautonomia, a blanket term for a variety of conditions relating to the malfunctioning of nerves controlling involuntary functions like blood pressure, heart rate and sweating.

Due to the high prevalence of ME/CFS, a type of dysautonomia relating to heart rate called POTS, and “other postinfectious illnesses in patients with long COVID, long COVID research should include people who developed ME/CFS and other postinfectious illnesses from a trigger other than SARS-CoV-2 in comparator groups to improve understanding of the onset and pathophysiology of these illnesses,” the review stated.

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