Bullseye! We’ve scored – as Colin picks us for his next few darts contests

Good news from Colin Freeman, the darts high-flyer who organised a 10-day, solo darts tour of England last summer to raise money for The ME Association – notching up a stratospheric 1,000,001 points in the process.

The minibus driver from Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk will be back in action for us on Saturday, 4th February. He’s booked the Westbury Social Club in Bury to stage a day-long knockout tournament and has invited 40 local league players to take part.

“There will be a £100 prize for the winner and I will be putting on a couple more knockout tournaments for The MEA in the coming year. I was very pleased with the level of support you gave me last year”, he told us yesterday.

Colin captains a couple of local teams in the area and his social life revolves round darts.

He’s chosen to support The ME Association because his youngest daughter Stephanie (32) has suffered with the devastating post-viral illness for 21 years, ever since going down with glandular fever when she was 11.

Colin’s partner, Gemma, who captains her own ladies team, will as always be his biggest support on the day!

Last August, they visited 30 pubs round England in just 10 days to raise money for The MEA and a children’s cancer charity. This year, The ME Association will be the sole beneficiary.

MEA fundraiser Tony Britton commented: “We’re delighted Colin has chosen to come on board with us again this year. We will do what we can to help him promote the competitions.

“Tell me – does the Westbury serve up the same kind of hugely-filling doorstep of a sandwich, as where I watched you in action last year? That sausage sandwich at The Greyhound pub in Ixworth was truly epic!” 

Colin's pride and joy – his own illuminated darts board

Tony Britton
Senior Fundraising Consultant, The ME Association
tony.britton@meassociation.org.uk Mob: 07393 805566

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