From me to you: Norman receives hamper

From M.E. to You: and this time it’s Norman in the front line!

We’re delighted to honour Norman Fryman with the gift of a Christmas hamper – for looking after his wife during all the years she had had M.E.

His wife, Ruth, asked that he receive a hamper in our great Christmas give-away.

From their home in Bury, Lancashire, she wrote:

“I nominated Norman because of all the years he’s selflessly cared for me, whilst running his own business full-time and bringing up three children, He has also cared for our daughter while she too had ME.

“He still does all the cooking, shopping, cleaning, DIY and personal care for me and our daughter who, at 30, is still unable to live alone.”

Despite huge difficulties with his business during the pandemic, Norman’s meticulous care has never stopped.

Ruth commented: “We’ve been married for 35 years. He’s truly amazing and deserves a special treat.”

Thanking us for his gift this week, Norman said: “I was surprised and delighted to receive the hamper. It’s really given me a boost after I sadly lost my brother two weeks ago to cancer.

“I now have to keep my wife away from the chocolate!”

The photos show the couple on Ruth’s 60th birthday and then all the family together on that special day.

This Christmas, we are giving away 100 hampers crammed with seasonal goodies in a salute to the ME Association’s unpaid carers.

We’ve received about 250 nominations so far so there’s still a chance your nominee could receive one.

To make a nomination, please follow this link

To nominate you must be a member of the ME Association, or nominating someone who is a member. And the person you nominate must live in the UK.

Tony Britton
Senior Fundraising Consultant, The ME Association Mob: 07393 805566

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